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Marian Keyes talks Depression

My heart breaks for her and the lonely journey she must take through that which will lead a person through the darkest of places, but I’m so impressed that Marian Keyes has been brave enough to come out and speak openly about the current battle she is having with depression. Although I get the impression that it’s not really bravery in her eyes; it’s just telling it like it is.

I love it when people who have any kind of fame in the world are open and truthful about the real life issues that affect them. Not because it makes them more real in a sappy, badly written romantic fiction kind of manner, but because it normalises real life for real people. Marian Keyes has been honest about her alcoholism before and has said that she struggles with depression, although this round with the Black Dog appears to be knocking her around a fair bit.

There is nothing wrong in getting a mental illness. You don’t need to hide your condition, you don’t need to be ashamed. Admitting to having an illness isn’t (shouldn’t) be seen as a slur on your character or abilities.  That evil beast that we call depression can take a side swipe at even you, leaving you gasping for air, wondering if there is life beyond what you see and feel right now. Hearing from people society says are all that and a bag of chips  suffer as you do makes you feel, well, cliche as it is, not so alone.

I do hope that Marian’s battle will be over sooner rather than later.

I also hope that it is Marian who comes out the victor of the overall war.

Mem Fox’s Possum Magic Indeed


I guess there really is some possum magic happening in the Fox household…..OK.. that was in poor taste. But I wonder, does the revelations of authors lives change how you see the books that they write?

I know that after the news that Robert Munsch was recovering from an alcohol and cocaine addiction, I considered his books in a whole different light. I think that it must be a Canadian thing that I just dont get….. I dont understand why his childrens books are so popular and that people think they are funny. Nor does my six year old understand it either.  Then I sarcastically considered the possibility that you had to be drunk or high to see the humour.

And the acknowledgement that Marian Keyes is struggling with depression and it currently unable to write anything new gave me a better understanding of the struggle to keep developing story lines that will excite and tempt a reader into handing over heard earned cash to buy a new book. Truly, they dont call it the Black Dog for nothing; it can rule or even destroy a life.

So the revelation in the news today of Mem Fox’s husband denying a sexual relationship with a 17 year old boy and her standing by him alters how I see her. I cant help it. I read things like that and it says a lot about the people involved according to my filter of the world.

Am I the only person who is this way? Can you hear about a persons life and hold their work separate from the work that they create? Or does it make authors – these people who I am guiltly of idolising at times – more human. More reachable. More like myself? Or would I prefer to keep my writing idols on the pedestal?  What about you?