Whooooshing and Writing a Sex Scene


Did you hear that?

It was the sound of a (self imposed) deadline rushing by. Look at that. It’s September 9th and I haven’t finished editing my novel. Damn. First time I haven’t met my deadline and I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t feel good. So now it’s time to apply the thumb screws. Feel free to email me that you twisting the bolt one more turn as you see fit.

Onto other writing updates.

I really prefer it when the critique group I’m part of reads my first drafts and ticks each sentence with red ink as all perfectly formed. “Yeah! I got it right. I’m a writer!” I think to myself with exclamation points!   Last meeting I went to they read my new scenes and worked them over but good. “I suck at this. I can’t write for nuts!” is the thought running through my head.  But the killer came when every single member of the group (all women) all agreed on One. Vital. Point. during my hour long torture fest.

I have to follow up a wedding scene with the wedding night sex scene.

Of course, just thinking about such a topic tends to get me giggling or blushing, or worse, saying terribly suggestively inappropriate things to people. Keep in mind that I was writing the piece last night, so today as I was working out with my friend at the gym, I kept bursting into laughter as she tried to get me to focus on different body movements.  Most of the time she was the innocent party.

Within the blog Kinda Sassy I’ve written about the erotic writing course that I went to. But doing a course and writing a sex scene before the next critique meeting , during which one particularly cheeky member insists I need to read my work out aloud (yeah right-that’ll nevah happen!)  has really done a number in my head.  How on earth do you get into a mental head space to write romantic erotica? Isn’t it terribly hard to get to a point of sitting down and writing racy stuff?  I mean, I’ve managed to write a couple of errotic-ish paragraphs for another section of the story… but this scene….?  Repeat after me… Gaaaaah.

With the deadline for the next group staring me in the face (Wednesday!)I started working it (small snicker) last night. It took two attempts at starting the piece before I began to actually get into the head space of writing the scene. And I discovered that there is one thing that Opal Carew never explained in her workshop; how clinically technical you have to be when you are writing a sex scene.  Oh sure, it’s easy to image the scene, to get lost in the fantasy of it (oooh la la), but then as a writer you have to pull yourself up and start to think through each and every movement.  You have to describe every sensation of the senses with the action. It’s exhausting, not to mention the work involved in thinking about terms of endearment other than ‘throbbing manhood’. 

I cannot believe that I just wrote ‘throbbing manhood’ on my blog. Because seriously, who was the first person who thought that was a good way to describe a particularly arousing bodily function?  On that note, I think I will go and watch some Vuelta a Espana – get my fix of cycling and boys in lycra. Oh! How easy that was…?  I’m right back to the erotic head space.


  1. HA! I can not wait to read it!!! Published of course!!
    I wrote a bit of a novel starting when I was 12 and finished it around 15ish. It had sex scenes a go-go. I read some rather risque novels back in the day and plagiarized the buggery outta all of them *grin* i was TWELVE!!!
    ANYway, I had a ‘garden of pleasure waiting to unfold to receive his throbbing manhood to awaken the joys from within’ . Oh yeah, the erotic tales of a twelve yr old who has no idea what she is writing about!!

  2. oh man, Courtney, you crack me right up. I have some choice advice for you, but it’s not postable. lol. Throbbing manhood….awesome…kills me with laughs every time. I will leave you with a laugh in return: “Tab A, Slot B”

  3. Yeah… that’s not my real website so don’t go there, lol. Hmmmm, writing a sex scene… Well for you and I I’d fully expect a great deal of wheezing laughter to go on… I dunno, I couldn’t even begin to open a paragraph! I will say this though, erotic fiction sucks. I mean it depicts totally unrealistic stuff and c’mon, how many times is sex totally perfect like that? Half the time WE can’t wait for it to be over (particularly if we’re tired, emotional and are simply satiating our menfolk who have an itch they need scratching…. Most couples (by the wedding night) have done it plenty of times, I fail to see the “importance” of really noshing out a chapter in great detail dedicated to something they’ve probably done over and over again … Mind you, tis’ the audience we’re supposed to be pleasing so whatev’s floats their boats yaknow? Manhood (a throbbing one is that)… “her slit” is another term I find vulgar and repulsive. Hell if you’re gonna do it, pull out all stops and pretend like an 8 year old child won’t actually pick up the book and randomly flick to the crucial scene… LMAO. xxx

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